Accelerate your impact with data for a better world.

At Dataphoria, we have developed a platform with advanced data analytics & AI tools specifically tailored to sustainability-minded businesses and organizations.


We know the struggle of keeping up with the data revolution.

Socially responsible businesses and organizations lack the capacity for data analytics. This leads to missed opportunities; Opportunities that can accelerate their growth and the transition towards a more sustainable world.

That is, until we come in.


Who we work with

We are the first data-for-good impact startup in Greece. We work exclusively with businesses, government bodies & nonprofits that contribute to the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Building a data-driven culture in any business is a complex challenge. Qualified data professionals are rare to come across, so rare they are usually referred to as “Unicorns”. For a social and sustainable business or organization, becoming data-driven is even more complicated.


In a typical business, the goal is very clear, and focused on profit. In a green, socially responsible business, results are required across a range of sectors: The environment, the team, stakeholders such as the state, investors, beneficiaries and clients. A far more complex challenge on its own.

Our services

Combining our experience in sustainability and data science, we have developed three tailored data-for-good solutions to take you from zero to Data Hero in less than three months.

It all begins with a simple question.

How can we help you use data for a better world?


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