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We empower your ESG Journey with Personalized Analytics

Gain access to the ESG Analytics Platform that focuses on the most relevant ESG and Impact metrics for your organization. We provide data-driven insights, simplify your sustainability transition roadmap, and effectively communicate your performance, ensuring you stay ahead in your sustainability journey.

ESG Dashboard Society
ESG Dashboard Environment

Solution Tiers

From initial steps to industry leadership, our tiered packages offer precise tools and insights tailored to enhance your sustainability impact at every stage.


See where you stand on ESG


  • Easy, self-serve ESG data collection

  • Industry-specific ESG Analytics

  • Insightful ESG performance analysis

  • Public ESG performance dashboard for your website

  • Automated report exports

Add-ons available

  • Scope 1 and 2 emissions tracking

  • ESG data governance trainings


Automate your ESG and Impact tracking


Everything in ESG Starter, plus:

  • Automated ESG data collection

  • Personalized ESG and impact analytics

  • Comprehensive sustainability transition roadmap

  • Customizable public ESG performance dashboards for your website

Add-ons available

  • Scope 3 emissions tracking

  • Social Return on Investment analysis (SROI)

  • Double materiality assessment

  • ESG performance benchmarks


Achieve stellar ESG Performance


Everything in ESG Builder, plus

  • Company-wide ESG Goals tracking

  • AI-driven insights

  • ESG performance benchmarks

  • Scope 3 emissions tracking

Add-ons available

  • ESG Strategy

  • ESG reporting

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