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Our Story

In a world where data meets purpose, we saw an opportunity. Our shared passions led us to a simple idea: to merge the power of data with sustainability. Dataphoria was born from our genuine desire to make a tangible difference.

Dataphoria danezis stories_OS306839_edited.jpg
Dataphoria danezis stories_OS306839_edited.jpg

With purpose at our core

Photo by Danezis Stories.

At Dataphoria, we blend data and sustainability to deliver analytics, monitoring, and visualization services centered around ESG. We empower companies to develop their ESG strategies and provide continuous, real-time insights into their performance. We've created the first Analytics-as-a-Service solution in Greece dedicated to sustainable development. Through this platform, we provide our clients with all the necessary data for accurate and consistent reporting, aimed at significantly improving their ESG performance.

We founded Dataphoria in early 2021. Anastasis and Fenya, experienced Civil Engineers with specializations in data science and sustainability, embarked on this journey after extensive environmental volunteering and professional experiences across Greece, the UK, and the USA. Their engagement with international organizations like the European Climate Ambassadors, the Global Shapers of the World Economic Forum, and the Young Transatlantic Innovation Leaders inspired them to unite their expertise to combat climate change effectively.

In September 2023, Dataphoria became one of the first tech companies in Greece to secure impact investment. This funding, coordinated by Investing For Purpose, attracted €325,000 from angel investors and companies from the EU and US, committed to social and environmental impact.​

Our company has made significant contributions to sustainability projects in Greece and internationally. We have collected 170,000 sustainability data points for over 18,000 companies in the UK, integrating this data with global technology platforms. We also launched a pilot project for Nestlé Hellas through the "Ignite Ideas" open innovation program and are collaborating with a multinational company on climate-neutral cities. Additionally, we have secured long-term contracts with listed companies and SMEs to provide comprehensive ESG analytics. With our new funding, we aim to accelerate our growth and further develop our technological infrastructure, expand our global reach and bring ESG analytics into the core of every company, organization and city.


Pioneering #DataforGreen

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