Fenya Sourla

Co-founder & Project Manager

Fenya is a Civil Engineer who graduated from the National Technical University of Athens.  She received her postgraduate Diploma in Water Resources Science and Technology from the same institution and  had the opportunity to work on the review of water indicators of the European legislation on water resources management.

During the past 5 years, she has participated to cadastral surveys, projects on properties with forest map legislation implications and surveying measurements on the field. She has worked on the elaboration of cadastral maps applying her technical and legal expertise. She is currently providing services as a consultant engineer and works as a cadastral office technical manager. She has worked both as a member of project teams and as a freelance Civil Engineer, building her business acumen and problem-solving mindset. She also has customer services experience, building her communication and decision-making skills.

She focuses on environmental issues and, apart from her environmental engineering studies and legislation expertise, she also has an active role as a volunteer / member of the national environmental campaign “Let’s do it Greece” Coordinators, who coordinated more than 119.000 volunteers all over Greece in a single day in 2019, for a common environmental cause.