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Sustainability and ESG Coordinator

Athens, Greece

Job Type

Full Time


Hybrid, Remote available

About the Role

We are looking for a dynamic Sustainability and ESG Coordinator to support our mission in integrating sustainability deeply into our clients' operations. This role calls for an individual who is deeply committed to environmental and social governance and possesses the strategic acumen to drive sustainability initiatives.

As a Sustainability and ESG Coordinator, you will be working alongside our COO, playing a crucial role in conducting assessments, developing strategies, and guiding our clients through their sustainability journeys with innovative solutions and insights. If you are passionate about making a tangible impact and possess a blend of analytical prowess and creative thinking, this role offers the perfect platform to showcase your talents and grow.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Sustainability Assessments: Lead comprehensive evaluations to pinpoint environmental and social impact areas within client organizations, setting the stage for transformative strategies.

  • Strategy Development: Craft and implement bespoke sustainability strategies, ensuring they align with client goals, industry standards, and regulatory landscapes.

  • Goal Setting and Collaboration: Work closely with clients to establish and pursue ambitious sustainability objectives, fostering a collaborative environment that encourages continuous improvement.

  • Consultancy and Reporting: Offer expert consulting services on sustainability strategies and reporting, employing frameworks like GRI for thorough and impactful communication.

  • Data Insights: Interpret sustainability data to generate reports that offer deep insights, guiding clients towards informed decision-making.

  • Industry Awareness: Stay updated on sustainability trends, emerging technologies, and regulations, ensuring our strategies and recommendations are cutting-edge and compliant.

  • Sales and Marketing Support: Enhance our sales and marketing efforts with your expertise, articulating the value and impact of our sustainability services compellingly.

  • Carbon Footprint Analysis: Lead the charge in conducting detailed carbon footprint analyses, empowering clients with the knowledge to minimize their environmental impact.

  • Quality Assurance: Guarantee the excellence of deliverables, ensuring they not only meet but exceed our high standards of quality.


  • You hold a bachelor’s degree in engineering, political, social, or humanitarian sciences, or a related field, complemented by a master’s degree in environmental science, sustainability, or a related discipline.

  • You bring at least 2 years of proven experience in sustainability, with a focus on strategy development and implementation.

  • Your knowledge of sustainability reporting frameworks, especially GRI, is comprehensive and current.

  • You possess strong analytical skills, capable of distilling complex data into actionable insights.

  • Your communication and interpersonal abilities are exceptional, enabling effective engagement with diverse stakeholders.

  • A relentless passion for sustainability drives you, and you’re committed to making a positive impact on business practices.

  • Fluent in English, you can articulate complex concepts clearly and persuasively.

What we offer

  • A pivotal role at the heart of the sustainability revolution, with the opportunity to make a real difference.

  • A flexible, inclusive workplace culture that values diversity of thought and experience.

  • Competitive compensation, including stock options and opportunities for professional growth.

  • A chance to be part of a forward-thinking team, driven by innovation and a shared commitment to sustainability.

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